Commercial Design

Your company has reserved booth space at a trade show, and you need someone who can create a design booth for you while having a solid corporate vision to set you apart from the competition? It's your company's annual meeting, and you need someone to help you coordinate all the logistics related to the event? Whether it's for a kiosk's design, a room's layout or an office plan, ST Design is there to accompany you throughout your project!

Kiosk or Exhibition Stand

  • Conception, design and realization
  • Logistical aspects (coordination with the on-site management company): assembly, disassembly, deliveries and transportation

Charity Dinner, Annual or Reception

  • Design for the room's decor according to the chosen theme
  • Layout plan for the room
  • Coordination of all logistics related to the event on site


  • Workspace layout plans
  • Proposal of furniture
  • Space colouring
  • Proposal for decorative accessories (frames, window treatments and others)
  • Lighting plan

Some Projects

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