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Commercial Design

Your business has booked a kiosk space in a convention and you need someone who can create a design kiosk while having a solid corporate vision to stand out from the competition? It’s the company's annual assembly and you need someone to help you coordinate any logistics related to the event? Whether it is for the design of a kiosk, the design of a room or an office, ST Design is there to support you throughout your project!

Our Turnkey Project Services

Kiosk or convention stand
  • Conception, design and implementation
  • Logistical aspects (coordination with the on-site management company): assembly, dismantling, deliveries and transport

Fundraiser, annual evening or reception
  • Design and decoration of the room according to the chosen theme
  • Room layout plan
  • Coordination of all logistics related to the event (on-site)

Office space
  • Workspace layout
  • Furniture proposal
  • Coloring of spaces
  • Decoration accessories suggestions (frames, window coverings and others)


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